Introduction to Java


So, you are here to learn Java hmm?Do you even know why?Do you know what forced everyone to come up with an idea to have a programming language like java. We already had a hell lot of them. So, why came Java?

Java is an object-oriented programming language with a built-in application programming interface (API)(If you don’t understand what an API is. Assume it as a THING. A THING that has got stuff to help us code. A way ,a process through which we can code. )

Much of the syntax of Java is the same as C and C++. One major difference is that Java does not have pointers(Good for you).

In Java we distinguish between applications, which are programs that perform the same functions as those written in other programming languages, and applets, which are programs that can be embedded in a Web page and accessed over the Internet. Our initial focus will be on writing applications. When a program is compiled, a byte code is produced that can be read and executed by any platform that can run Java.

And recently, Oracle bought it from Sun Microsystems. So, don’t even think it’s going to loose it’s scope. You can find Java everywhere. Mobiles, PDA’s, MicroOvens and where not. So learn java and do something great.
While learning, always think that it’s just a language. Just like the other languages you use while talking. But, the difference here is, in this case, you talk to a MACHINE.

At the end, want to tell you just one thing #Welcome to the world of Java

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